Bridging the gap between the deaf and hearing communities.

Our aim is to bridge the many communication barriers that the deaf community face on a daily basis. To enable us to succeed, the numbers of British Sign Language (BSL) users needs to increase dramatically. In order to improve communication between deaf and hearing people we offer courses in BSL Levels 1 - 6 (certificate only). Developing an understanding of sign language will ensure a greater appreciation of deaf life and culture and will help to overcome the barriers that currently exist for deaf people. We aim to empower deaf people by developing a greater awareness of not only their language and culture but also their strengths and abilities in order to foster a positive attitude towards the deaf community.

BSL 1 : 1 Tutoring

Would you like to learn BSL but would prefer 1:1 tuition rather than a group setting? If so, this can be arranged either at our Stratford office or at a location convenient to you. Alternatively, tuition can also be offered online via Zoom, MS Teams or Skype.

Times can be arranged to suit individual needs and are fully flexible.

Sessions can either follow a set curriculum or can be tailored to meet specific needs. Support in preparing for exams is also offered and tuition related to specific re-sits can also be provided. Fees for examinations are separate and are not included in the cost of tuition.

Individual tuition is £20 per hour.

Please contact us for further details.

Are you looking for a BSL tutor?

If yes!.. please contact us for more details.

We have qualified and experienced BSL tutors who are able to offer BSL courses Levels 1 - 6. We are able to provide courses for individuals, or for groups of any size and offer daytime or evening classes. We can also offer weekend tuition if preferred.
We would be happy to arrange separate courses for children and young adults if required.

If you are part of a company employing deaf staff and would like to become more inclusive then let us know. We would be happy to offer work-based related courses that will help to improve communication and confidence for both deaf and hearing staff, offering both BSL tuition plus an insight into deaf culture.

Please contact us for further information.

We are looking for a BSL tutor.

We welcome applications from dynamic teachers who have a passion for teaching and will inspire students.

Applicants should have a BSL Level 6 certificate, plus a Teaching Certificate, Level 3.
Applicants must be willing to offer flexible teaching hours.

For applicants who are not certificated to level 6 exceptions can be made following interview and assessment. However, all applicants must have a minimum of level 2 BSL.
Each BSL certification obtained means that you can teach the level below.

Training and support will be provided for successful candidates.

We look forward to receiving your application.

CSW courses

The Communication Support Worker (CSW) is vital in ensuring access to information and in meeting the communication needs of the individual deaf student, employee or employer. A CSW should be able to use a variety of communication modes and strategies and should be able to match these to the needs of the individual. In educational settings the CSW should facilitate access to the curriculum and be able to liaise with other professionals in order to meet the needs of the student and promote learning. In places of employment the CSW will often be operating as part of the team and it is important that they are able to accurately express the ideas and thoughts of the deaf individual.

Dates and prices to be confirmed.

Employment Service

Our aim is to help guide members of the deaf community into work, supporting their journey into employment.
BSL NOW! and their Employment Advisor will help with:
Creating and updating CV’s
Personal statements
Job searches and online or paper applications
Interview practice
Support with setting up self employment opportunities.
Support with Access to Work

Appointments can be made for face to face meetings or via our online platform. Interpreters can be provided on request.

Please contact Diana:

Email: [email protected]

Text / Video call: +44 7385 615118

BSL Club

We want to be able to show the beauty of sign language to our younger generations, which is why we have set up 'BSL clubs'.

We now have dedicated members of staff that can deliver BSL tuition for educational settings in a fun and friendly way. Whether you are a nursery, school or other, we can offer sessions to fit with your requirements. These could be offered as a lunchtime club, after school club or holiday club, whatever suits your particular setting.

Tuition within the London area can be delivered face to face, via Zoom or Teams. Outside of London, via Zoom or Teams only.

Session fees: £20 per hour.

Deaf Services

Our team are deaf friendly and here to support those who are deaf or hard of hearing from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Our Information and Advice services can be accessed through a variety of platforms, face to face, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom etc. We can help with the following:

Benefits advice / applications, Housing advice, consumer issues and so much more.

We can also support you with understanding of any documentation in complex English, make telephone calls, assist with emails etc.