Level 2 will develop signing and communication skills and will provide a greater understanding of BSL grammar. It will also include the introduction of some regional signs.

Level 2 is divided unto 3 Units:

- BSL 201

- BSL 202

- BSL 203

4 topics are included in Level 2:

- Everyday conversation:

- Eating and drinking

- Spending and shopping

- Travel and holidays


- 201 Receptive - to achieve this unit students must show that they can understand BSL in a range of everyday conversations when signing is delivered at normal conversational pace. Students are expected to select the correct answer from 4 possible answers for each question on their exam paper. This will then be transferred to an online format to be submitted to ‘Signature’.

- 202 Productive - to achieve this unit the student must be able to use BSL to provide information on a range of subjects using the correct hand shapes, facial expressions and lip patterns together with correct BSL order.

- 203 Conversation - at the end of the unit the student should be able to take part in routine conversations using the correct vocabulary in the appropriate context, use turn taking, correct handshapes, facial expressions, lip patterns and BSL order.

The assessments include video recorded conversation and presentation with a qualified BSL teacher and the assessment fees are included in the course prices.

For the BSL202 and BSL203 assessments students will be given 3 topics to choose from:

- Eating and drinking

- Spending and shopping

- Travel and holidays

The topic chosen for BSL203 must be different to that chosen for BSL 202

The assessments can be either face-to-face or via Zoom.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Level 2 certificate, issued by ‘Signature’.