Level 3 learners will develop an advanced knowledge of BSL structure and be able to understand and use varied BSL in a variety of work and social situations. Learners will also develop an understanding of the Deaf Community, History and Culture.

Level 3 is divided in to 3 Units:

- 3ASS1

- 3ASS2

- 3ASS3

6 topics are covered in Level 3, these are:

- Home Life

- Social/Recreational Activities

- Education and Training

- Employment

- Consumer Issues

- Deaf History and Culture


- 3ASS1 Presentation - to achieve this unit the student will deliver a presentation to their teacher on a chosen topic. 3 topics will be provided by Signature and the student must choose 1 out of the 3. The student must be able to use BSL to convey information linked to their topic using correct BSL grammar, formation and vocabulary.

- 3ASS2 Conversation - to achieve this unit the student will engage in a conversation with their teacher on a chosen topic sent by Signature. A choice of 3 topics will be provided and the student must choose 1. The student must show good use of BSL grammar, sign pace, turn taking and vocabulary linked to their topic.

- 3ASS3 Receptive - to achieve this unit students must show that they can understand BSL used in presentations and conversation on Level 3 topics being delivered at a normal pace. Students are expected to write their answers in English onto their exam papers and then transfer them to an online format to be submitted to 'Signature'.

The assessments include video recorded conversation and presentation with a qualified BSL teacher and the assessment fees are included in the course prices.

Assessments can be either face to face or online via Zoom.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Level 3 certificate in BSL, issued by ‘Signature’.